Customer Retention Builder

With postage and printing costs raising all the time everyone is looking to reduce costs, but what if you could reduce costs and at the same time improve the effectiveness of communication with your customers?

We all know it's easier to sell to an existing customer than trying to gain a new one and the key to stopping customers gradually drifting away is great customer service.

Not only does Customer Retention Builder (CRB) reduce time taken for your service reception to prospect for routine work but helps focus efforts on providing that all important great customer service, keeping those hard earned customers coming back time after time!

Campaign Builder

Customer Retention Builder takes over the repetitive task of reminding customers to book for Servicing and MOT's, leaving them to do what they do best and give great customer service!

Customers receive multiple automatic reminders, however, once a booking is made the reminders cease.

The system provides customers the ability to book in online (where available) or request a call back and the option of updating the dealership with done elsewhere or no longer the owner at any time day or night.

Loyalty Builder

There will always be the odd occasion when a customer does have an issue, however, a fast resolution can turn a bad experience into a good one, but to do that the dealership needs to know a customer wasn't happy.

Loyalty builder contacts the customer the same day and just asks a simple question, were you happy with the service provided?

The dealership is notified of any unhappy customers immediately so they can be contacted and the problem resolved.


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